Saving Lives- Solar Project

Project Summary

  Most clinics in the rural areas of Liberia close at night because of no access to electricity. Through our pilot Project title Energy and Health, we plan to provide solar lighting systems that include 6-20 Watt Solar Panel, buld and accessory to clinics located in Rural Montserrado. These clinics will be require to pay back for their systems by making small monthly payments over the period of seven months.   

Why is the project needed?

  Over 14 years of civil crisis and 25 plus years of economic breakdown have led Liberia to numerous challenges with regards to energy access to the population, particularly to the rural poor. With the country still recovering from the Ebola crisis that greatly affected the health system and the lack of energy access for rural people, most clinics located in the rural areas are close at night. Through this project rural clinics will be provided solar energy products that will enable these rural clinics to render health care services especially for reproductive and child health. According to Power Africa, Liberia Electricity Access Rate is 1.2%  rural, 18.9% urban, 9.8% national. With only 1.2% of the rural population connected to the grid.

What does your project involve?

  Through this project we will distribute solar energy lighting systems package that will include Solar Home System and a Solar Lantern that charges phone to five clinics located in five communities in rural Montserrado County. These solar lighting systems will enable these clinics to operate at night for the purpose of providing health care services during night hours to their locate communities.  

  This project will be implemented in five communities located in rural Montserrado County, Liberia. According to LISCIS,2009 census rural Montserrado has a population of 147,416 persons. We plan to start the project implementation by the 15 of September 2017. The clinics in collaboration with the locate communities leaderships will have to agree to the implementation of this project within their locations, after this we will distribute and install the systems at those clinics.  

  We have built collaboration with the Rural and Renewable Energy Agency (RREA) of Liberia which is a governmental agency that regulates the Renewable energy sector of Liberia. Through this collaboration we are allow to purchase solar products from them. We have started to engage the communities’ leaderships and heads of the clinics in which this project will be implemented. We plan to have the Ministry of Health through the Montserrado County Health Team actively involve with our project.